Sustainable building

24 Aug 2016

Ecobuild calls for sustainable innovations Locked

Ecobuild 2017 is calling for projects that highlight innovations in the UK built environment.

17 Aug 2016

British Glass aims for more recycled glass from demolition Locked

British Glass is looking to improve the refurbishment and demolition supply chains so that more flat glass can be recycled into new glass.

17 Aug 2016

UWE Bristol to receive 100% renewable energy Locked

The University of the West of England will receive 100% of its energy from renewable sources from October 2016 under a framework from The Energy Consortia.

27 Jul 2016

Green building councils and cities unite on energy efficiency

Green building councils around the world are teaming up with cities to make buildings more energy efficient under a new partnership between the World Green Building Council and the World Resources Institute-led Building Efficiency Accelerator.

25 Jul 2016

Well-being informing house choices, says report

Almost 30% of consumers would be more willing to buy or rent a home that is designed with health and well-being in mind, claims a recent report from a UK Green Building Society task group.

25 Jul 2016

Scottish low carbon fund launched

The Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme has been launched to fast-track large-scale, low carbon infrastructure projects in Scotland.

20 Jul 2016

Willmott Dixon wins low-carbon building contract

Developer Willmott Dixon has been awarded a £17.5m contract for Bristol's first BREEAM Outstanding office space in Bristol.

20 Jul 2016

Green Deal put public money at risk, says Commons report Locked

A House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report says household efficiency schemes such as the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation put public money at risk, and that future initiatives must be more thoroughly tested beforehand.

29 Jun 2016

CPRE release dark skies atlas Locked

The Campaign for Rural England has released the “most detailed ever” satellite imagery of England’s dark skies in its Night blight report.

23 Jun 2016

The Ecology Consultancy in BREEAM ecological update role

London-headquartered The Ecology Consultancy has helped BRE develop the Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF) for its environmental buildings standard BREEAM.

​United Kingdom​

11 May 2016

Carbon emissions target defeated by 4 votes Locked

The move to set a carbon emissions target for new homes built after April 1 2018, in the ‘ping pong’ stage of the Housing and Planning Bill was rejected by four votes in the Lords with peers voting 234-230 to reject it.

11 May 2016

Berkeley Group aims to be carbon positive

The Berkeley Group has announced it will become carbon positive, aiming to deliver a 10% reduction in emissions per person over the next two years and set an internal carbon price.

4 May 2016

Government knocks out zero carbon homes standard amendment

The government has overturned the Lords amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill to implement a carbon emissions target for new homes built after April 1 2018.

27 Apr 2016

VAT on energy efficiency goods remains at 5% Locked

The government has confirmed that the existing reduced rate of VAT for solar panels, roof insulation and domestic wind turbines remains in place and no further legislation is needed.

27 Apr 2016

Lords re-instate zero carbon homes standard Locked

The House of Lords has re-instated the zero carbon homes’ standard scrapped by the government last July in an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill.

20 Apr 2016

Green Deal savaged by NAO Locked

The National Audit Office has concluded that the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) Green Deal has not achieved value for money, and not generated additional energy savings.

20 Apr 2016

Shipping container building rejected Locked

A teacher who set up a former shipping container as a garage in his back garden, stressing it was a sustainable building has been turned down by Colchester Council planners.

19 Apr 2016

Timber tower could break record

Mayor Boris Johnson has been presented with conceptual plans for an 80-storey, 300 metre high timber tower in the Barbican, which would break the world record currently held by Norway, if it proceeds.

13 Apr 2016

Calls for all Scotland’s homes to be Band C by 2025

Calls have been made to bring Scotland’s housing up to energy efficiency rating of C by 2025.

6 Apr 2016

BRE opens office in China Locked

The BRE has officially launched an office in China which will help the country drive sustainability standards and reduce carbon emissions.

​United Kingdom​

6 Apr 2016

Tenants gain right to request energy efficiency improvements Locked

From this week, tenants in rented properties will have a right to request energy efficiency improvements whether or not the property has an EPC rating and the landlord cannot unreasonably refuse consent.

5 Apr 2016

Self-build: LA's must assess demand and provide land

From this week local authorities have a duty to assess demand for self-build and custom houses in their areas under the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

30 Mar 2016

BSRIA  releases Life Cycle Costing Guide

BSRIA has launched its new Life Cycle Costing Guide (BG67/2016) providing  a simple process for the practical calculation of life cycle costs.

30 Mar 2016

Zero Carbon Hub to close Locked

The Zero Carbon Hub has announced it is to close this week following the government’s withdrawal of the zero carbon homes target and subsequent funding.

30 Mar 2016

Building and carbon emissions: More transparency ahead

There is going to be a lot more transparency in terms of buildings and carbon emissions following COP 21 in Paris, according to Terri Wills, ceo of the World Green Building Council.

23 Mar 2016

Aberdeen Asset Management launches sustainability framework Locked

Aberdeen Asset Management is launching a framework to ensure all aspects of sustainability are proactively considered for all new developments and major refurbishments in the UK.

15 Mar 2016

Use energy efficiency to cut bills, says committee

The government should make energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority which would put it much more at the forefront of energy policy making and create a sustainable and durable long-term policy view that goes beyond parliamentary cycles.

11 Mar 2016

Liverpool could set up its own energy company

At a Council cabinet meeting next week, Liverpool could decide to set up its own energy company which aims at supplying lower cost energy to households.

11 Mar 2016

Lloyds Bank sets up discounts on energy efficiency loans

Lloyds Bank has set up a sustainability performance benchmark and will offer clients discounts on loans for improving the energy efficiency of buildings if they meet it.

2 Mar 2016

SuperHomes found to use 40% less energy per square metre Locked

SuperHomes on average are using 40% less energy per square metre per year than the average UK home, according to a research report by the National Energy Foundation.